CONIC-SOFT is sofware to manage the whole Nursery being Horticultural, Ornameltal or Forest to produce trees. With a visual interface easy to be used by any user having basic ccomputer notions.

The software is adapted to be conncted to net with multiples users.

With independent modules, permits to manage sells and purchase orders, greenhouse areas, seeding programs, charges and so on.

 ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT to control orders, delivery notes and invoices.

 Room Management in Greenhouses, organizing the position of the orders and finding it. Tasks management by means a Working Hours sheet.

 Tracking of all plants, from sowing to delivering, irrigation programs and treatments. All recorded in histories.

Links to other accounting programs, web sites and special apps deppending the user.

Irrigation Management by means individual programmation for every plant order. Control of treatments, cyclic irrigation, extra bench sides irrigation program


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