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In 1968 the Gusi Family started growing horticultural plants on naked roots. Years later the knew about a new growing method, of which some people started talking about in Spain: the growing on trays. This new system assured a bigger more uniform production, and a better quality.

In 1979 Carlos Gusi started growing on trays, and this was the origin of Conic System. He could not find any seeder which convinced him, and this fact motivated his sons into a continuous investigation that led them to the development of the first seeder which gave name to the enterprise.

In 1985 the firs seeder was commercialised and Conic System was born. Since then, a rising race began based on the continuous investigation and production of machinery adapted to the growers needs.

The knowledge of the newest technological progresses have always been stimulated in order to be adapted on our machines. For us this is a constant challenge.

Today, the nursery Planters Gusi is the main trial field for the machines that Conic System produces. It is where all results are checked, from effectiveness and productivity to quality and durability of its materials, to assure a long life to the machines.

We are very proud when we see the result of our job on the hundreds of machines working throughout the world. We therefore try to continue with our effort of always being beside our customers and trying to make their work more easy, practical and productive.