The REGA-2 irrigation boom has been designed for greenhouses with great surfaces. The rails let the booms runs up to 140 m and been 15 m wide.

The booms are configured under the Customer requirements, from a single control panel to manage the irrigation until full automatic software in the office computer.

The boom let control until 4 different nutrients formulas and select the zones where must irrigate. With this equipment you can optimize your work and save water and nutrients

 The booms are made by high quality materials, too resist the indoor conditions, Aluminum, plastic polymers and galvanized steel for long life.

 Due the high precision and reliability lets to do treatments. By means a volumetric dispenser or a high pressure pump to spray the stuff on the plants.

 There are different control systems. One, the easier, controls the solenoids by means magnets in the rails to delimit the irrigation zones.

The second is a Radio Frequency Control System. With this, is possible to manage the full irrigation functions from a remote control or a office computer.

 The Irrigation Software lets to manage every order in the greenhouse, select the nutrients, fit the different irrigation speed, and irrigation cycles, and keep in memory every record.

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