ULV is the last technology to fog greenhouses. The size of the micro-drop (5µ to 20µ) lets a better covering on the plants without stains or drips. Big area covered with same quantity of stuff.

To distribute the stuff, the NEBULA moves the air in the greenhouse by means a fan. The NEBULA makes the fog mixing stuff coming from the tank to the center of the nozzle with pressed air.

The misting is spread along the room, over and under the leaves. No risk of stains or burns.

 With the NEBULA you can work with any kind of stuff.

The exclusive auto-cleaning system assures a correct diffusion even with low solubility products.

The Auto-Cleaning System makes a double sense fresh water flow during the working Cycle and avoid seals or deposits

It is possible to program the working cycle, getting a pre-ventilation to ensure a homogeneity treatment.

The fogging nozzle has a cleaning mechanism to avoid the obstructions.

 It is very easy to move the NEBULA to any place in the greenhouse and fit the height to adjust it depending on the production type.

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