Lavadora de bandejas
The hygiene is one of the concern the seeding. It is necessary a correct cleaning of trays to prevent transmission of infections and pathogens. The washing line must clean the peat and roots of the old seeding, and allow the incorporation of disinfectants to clean the seeding supports.

The washing line LNB-200 is made of stainless steel like steel and high resistance plastic polymer, to ensure high durability.

 Built with stainless steel materials, like steel, plastic chain for trays advancing System. Easy and quick adjustments to adapt  every type of tray.

The water recycling system saves water consumption, the filter belt ensures a correct work of the pressure group.

 Easy access to every part of the machine for their maintenance. There are different options to complete the washing section with disinfection, blower and paint application.

Cleaning unit with high impact nozzles, guarantee high cleaning of trays.

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