Peat Mixer MIX-300 mixes and damps in less time every type of peat with big homobeneity. The hopper is made of stainless steel to avoid the rusting. When the mix is done, it is emptied automatically with the belt.

The machine can be adapted to every type of machine, controlled with a level sensor without necessity of extra electricity adaptations.

Easy use, with box to operate in manually or with an easier programme to indicate the mix time and the quantity of water.

 Optionally, the lower discharge opening can be automated to ensure a complete peat homogeneity. We have an option, an outside protection and a closed cover to applicate steam.

 Controlled  by level sensor, can feed differents machine without extra electrical installation. The peat belt can be installed with different measures to adapt to differents heights.

 To complete the mix, we have different accesories, vermiculite dispenser, fertilizers dispensers, water control. All of this parts can be controlled from the control pannel.

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