Result of the investigation of our technical department and use of new technologies, Conic System presents PRO-300 new sowing line, totally automatic and for every type of tray. Versatile design, manufactures in different parts, for different configurations to fit 100% to our clients enquiries. The future of the sowing machines, now is a reality.

New DECOP-300, with vacuum sowing system by calibrated plates, speed and efficiency combines to give a result of up to 1200 trays per hour. New sowing machine to make the job  easier and faster, with the efficiency as always.

Fast, precision and easier have been the main characteristics to design the new sowing line. Increase the sowing speed, decrease the changing times of seeds and trays, place the new PRO-300 between one of the accurate, faster and effective of the market.

 From the touch panel all parameters can be adjusted and memorizes for every type of tray or seed variety to sow. Automatic  positioning pushing the type of tray in the touch panel. From the panel the user can modify the positions depending in his preferences.

New filling section, with round knives for a pre-filling and the adjust roller, with this you can select the compact level for every cultivation, getting an uniform filling tray.

New communication interface, simple and intuitive for easy adjustment of parameters.

New fixing system for adaptations and calibrated plates, reduces the time to change the tray and seeds.

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