The semiautomatic sowing head DECOP S, allows to sow any seed over any kind of tray with high precision and speed. The trays are entered manually and the machine does the seeding process automatically on the tray.

The planting cycle 6 seconds per tray achieves productions of 400 trays per hour.

The plate seeder DECOP performs complete sowing tray in each movement. The seed selection is made in a pre-seeding process before to sow the tray, this allows very precise adjustment of the selection to obtain a high precision in any kind of seeds.

 A small vacuum cleaner allows you to recover the remaining seed. Changing seed is very fast and mechanical adjustments are not necessary in the plates to calibrate the selection. The plate design prevents their seeding shutter, and in each working cycle is intercalated pressurized air to clean obstructions.

The selection system, with combs and plates, allows to get high precision with all kinds of seeds. Flowers, vegetables and forestry can be planted without pelleting. The selection board also allows multiple sowings easily and accurately can be seeded 2, 3 or 4 seeds in each hole. For herbs seed sowings can be made by groups with the same speed that the individual crops.

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