Apr 1

Trays Filler Section TOB335

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Apr 1

The new Seeder Line PRO335 has, before the DECOP Seeder Section TD335, the new Trays Filler Machine TOB335. This new development from CONIC TOB335 is a new generation machine, programable with automatic adjusting to help the Nurseries to get better quality and to guaranty a uniform working way to get higher speeds and better effectivenesshas the new generation automatic adjustments

With this new Seeder Line, you get a high capacity to save different working programs depending the different trays, substrates and seeds, and load it when you need: the machine will adjust everything automatically to be ready to work the crop as you desire.

The Tray Filler Section is composed by:

  1. Trays Movement Belt.
  2. Trays Destacker.
  3. Filler Unit.
  4. Level Brush


This Seeder Line is designed to work with any kind of trays. It is possible to install different type of destackers depending the trays.

The OMP335 Trays Filler Unit has been designed to obtain a high homogeneity of the fill in the trays.  The filler system, by means special blades, guarantees the unifirmity filled cells in th whole tray.  A Compactor Roll let’s to sellect the compression level.






The computer, in the Central Touch Screen Control Panel, let’s to create programs to adapt the line to different trays, substrate, seeds and so on.

Through the Screen Parameters it’s possible to adjust the quantity of substrate on the blades, the gap between the blades and the tray, the high of the Comperssor Roll, and the frequency of the Bibrator under the Filler.





It’s possible to adjust the Level Brush automatically to take out the excess of substrate and get the perfect conditions to dibbler and seed.





If you need to make better filling your trays, contact us or send a e-mail to sat@conic-system.com. We will propuse you our better solution.


Conic System

Sant Boi Llobregat (Barcelona) 1 April 2017