Automatic irrigation wagon for greenhouses


Mobile irrigation for greenhouses, REGA-2 is specifically designed to cover big surfaces. The alluminum rail system covers a working area of 140 meters length by 15 meters width.

The irrigation wagon can be set-up depending on client needs and is directly controlled with a programmable remote control integrated to a complete management software. The irrigation allows 4 different nutritional solutions and selection of areas to be watered.

With REGA-2 work can be optimized by saving water and nutrients.

The accuracy and reliability of REGA-2 allows its use in phytosanitary applications, incorporating a volumetric dispenser or by direct connection to a high pressure equipment to fumigate plants.

 The irrigators are manufactured with high quality materials such as alluminum, plastic polymers and galvanized steel, to ensure durability.

 The alluminum side faces designed by Conic System ensure high stability and an even glide in watering big extensions.

 The innovative radiofrequency control system gives you direct control through a remote control or by management through a remote computer software.

 Different types of control, from a direct manual programming to a complex management software allow you to save records of all irrigations for each type of plants.

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