Automatic tray sowing machine


The new tray sowing machine,PRO-300 allows seeding of all types of seeds in flexible or rigid trays. This is a totally automatic new line of seeder, fruit of the investigation of our technical department and the application of new technologies. The sowing machine provides great accuracy, high speed and powered tray changes which allows faster changes and better sowing adjustments.
DECOP-300 is a new vacuum by plate sowing machine with a demostrated effectiveness which allows sowing of 1000 trays per hour.

 All working parameters can be adjusted through a touch screen, and will be memorized for each type of tray or variety of seed.

 The new filling system combines curve sheets for a prefilling and an adjustable roller which allows you to choose the compactation level for each crop, obtaining a uniform filling throughout the tray.

 Simpler and intuitive new comunication interface, which makes the adjustment of the working parameters easier.

 The new systems for fast fixation for the plate, the downfall and punching (needling), allow a time reduction of the seed and tray change.

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