Substrates mixer


The MIX-300 mixes and humidifies in a short span of time any type of substrates with high homogeneity. The working is very simple and includes a maneuver frame which allows manual operation or the use of a simple program which indicates mixture time and desired quantity of water.

Once the mixture is complete the hopper empties automatically onto a tape.

The machine easily adapts to any line, controlled by a level sensor without the need of electric adjustments.

 There are different accesories to automate the mixtures such as dispensers for granuled fertilizers, vermiculite, clay or water volume controler.

 The mixer is equipped with 4 rotating wheels to allow an easy displacement through the working area.

It can be integrated in a computer system in order to prepare different predefined mixtures and feed different filling lines.

 The hopper is entirely manufactured of stainless steel to avoid corrosion.

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