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Sep 11

El Oasis, one of the best Nurseries in Mexico has acquired the last generation of Seeder Machines from CONIC SYSTEM

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El Oasis, located in Tunas Blancas in the near of Queretaro, has incorporated, in their facilities the new Seeder Line PRO335 full automatic form Conic System. The new PRO335 is added to the actual PRO110 and PRO130 which are still properly working since long time ago. The Ingeniero Ignacio Calderón, CEO of El Oasis, has […]

Aug 10

New Trays Destacker DGR for Double Trays System from CONIC SYSTEM

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Conic System is always developing new solutions, and the last one, is the new Trays Destacker DGR. As a novelty, permits to use different type of trays like Thermoformed plastic, Polystyrene, Inserts and the new Thermos Formed Double Trays System DTS. The Trays Destacker DGR uses the new generation of Claws Plates with the new rapid […]

Jul 21

Conic System continues to expand in China

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Last June the 15th Conic System and Liaoning Yinong Agri-Tech Co. signed the agreement to cooperate to promote the CONIC SYSTEM range of machines in China (Seeder Lines, Irrigation Booms, Trays Washing Machines Ultralow Volume Nebulizers, Grafting Lines, etc.). For more than 30 years, CONIC SYSTEM acquired quite a long experience to design and produce such a […]