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In family Gusi been more than five decades working in the production of horticultural schools, and all the machines tested before Conic System in our own facilities.

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Conic System has partners in all parts of the world, much closer to you than you expect. Find your nearest dealer Contact page.

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We are committed to our customers and our mission is to ensure a long life to machines. So, you have remote support 24 hours a day.

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Since 1985, we market our first planters in Conic System have always added to the latest technology to suit the machine.

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New Seeder Head DECOP with “Vibrator Chassis”

May 24th by Comunicació

Conic System have developed a new system that they call “vibrator chassis” in the seeder head DECOP. This Vibrator Chassis is the frame which hold the seeder plate by means silentblocks to avoid the transmission of the vibrations to the rest of the seeder head. The new Vibrator Chassis is composed by: Aspiration System with double […]

New trays Washing Machines

May 9th by Comunicació

Last April, Conic System added, to its catalogue, the New Trays Washing Machines LNB320 with the new managing program in the Touch Screen Control Panel with the PIC300 microprocessor made in CONIC. That Touch Screen has a very easy Graphic Interface to use the whole line. The Trays Washing Lines are composed by: Tray Shaker to […]